We Came From Fire – Exhibition

“We came from fire, and we will return to fire”: This ancient Kurdish proverb has been kept alive with the oral tradition of an endangered language—spoken in the privacy of the family home away from the watchful eyes of rulers and regimes, or sung in the mountains by dissident poets and rebels. 

Amna Suraka Prison, once a Saddam-era jail notorious for the torture and unjust incarceration of Kurdish and Iraqi civilians, now proudly displays portraits of Kurds, Arabs & others who are currently fighting other tyrants.

Joey L and Metrography will donate all proceeds from prints & the workshop to Heyva Sor a Kurdistanê, an NGO who works on the frontlines helping those displaced by the Turkish invasion of Syria. These are brave aid workers who have been targeted and killed, yet continue their brave work in Rojava and beyond. 

The exhibition with Metrography opens on November 2 and will have 50 prints installed in the Saddam-era Prison (which is now a museum).

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