Alex Franco first started working with photography at a young age in his native Barcelona, in his early twenties the self-taught Franco moved to London to continue working on his craft whilst assisting notable names in the fashion industry.

Although Franco has a rich background in fashion, he is known mostly for his work that documents his travels and the world around him, such as projects in Mongolia and Ethiopia, which have brought much recognition to Franco’s photography and aesthetic.

Franco creates unique, natural imagery that is immersed with character, style and storytelling. His approach to photography brings an unmistakable style that often uses shadows, geometric shapes and the abstraction of bodies within the conventions of both portraiture and documentary.

Alongside being drawn to the creative aspect, photography is a conduit for raising awareness and creating dialogue for change - in 2016, Franco spent time in Calais and documented the refugee crisis which was followed by an exhibition and fundraiser, hosted in Barcelona and London.

Franco currently resides between London & Mallorca.

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