Jason Gould’s passion for photography goes back to his early teen years in the suburbs of New York where he and his friends began documenting their bmx, skateboarding, and snowboarding exploits. After graduating university Jason spent his twenties traveling and competing internationally as a road cyclist.

In 1999 Jason traded in his life on the bike to move back to NYC and shift his focus to a career in photography. In the last decade Jason has built his career with an emphasis on portraits and action imagery, capturing his subjects with the same authenticity that inspired him from the very beginning.

Today Jason lives in NYC’s Lower East Side and loves to spend his free time getting out of the city and into his kayak.


Advertising: Adidas, Nike, Converse, Got Milk?, Reebok, Foot Locker, And1, Gatorade, YMCA, Victoria Boards & Cannondale


Editorial: Mens Health, Slam Magazine, Trace Magazine & Runners World

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